Check out our events!

Check out our events!
  • Activities

    A GLECPTA membership allows you to join in on all of the fabulous activities that we have planned for the year!  All of our activities are posted on our meetup.com site.


    GLECPTA members have a great opportunity to check out fun places around the Metroplex from museums to zoos to local safety stations and so much more.  There are generally one to two outings a month, offered on multiple days to accommodate pre-school schedules.


    Playgroups are great way to get involved with the GLECPTA.  Meet other moms in an informal setting with kids the same age as yours and build some great friendships!  For more information on playgroups, click here.


    In addition to all the fun outings, GLECPTA also had fun celebrating throughout the year with parties for you and your family from the fall pumpkin season to the beginning of summer celebration!

    Mom’s Night Out

    It is great to be a mom but it is also great to have time to yourself with friends.  Join other GLECPTA moms once a month for various get-togethers around town and at members homes!

    Around Town

    There are so many free things to do in our area from library story times to crafts at local stores.  Click here to check out all that can be found!