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Check out our events!
  • Playgroups

    Playgroup Information

    Playgroups are great way to get involved with the GLECPTA. They are arranged by children’s ages and days of the week for meeting. If you’re not a part of a play group, we encourage you to join! All playgroups members must be members of the GLECPTA.

    Please contact the Playgroup Coordinator, at glecptaplaygroups@gmail.com, for more information.  In your email please include:

    * Names and birth dates of your children who would like to participate in a playgroup
    * Which days each child is available and whether you are available in the morning or afternoon.
    * Whether you would be willing to be your group’s coordinator to create the weekly schedule.
    * Let me know your thoughts – I’m open!

    Please keep in mind that:

    * Everyone must be willing to host playgroup in their homes. The group can choose to meet other places periodically, but it is always easier to get to know each other in a home setting.
    * As a group you will decide the frequency and time of your meetings.

    In addition to regular playgroups, you also have the option of a Parent as Teachers (PATs) group. This group would be a parent-led instructional time. Don’t worry if you do not have teaching experience- we’ll let someone who does conduct the first few lessons, and the other members can take it from there.